Musicians and label owners alone are selling BILLIONS of Dollars worth of music each year. Theyíre
just like you, but theyíre getting filthy rich! Are you ready to join them rolling in the dough and success?


ďWho Else Wants to Discover the Very Same Underground Secrets and Proven Methods to Fame and Success in the Music Industry That Where Previously Only Shared by a Small Circle of Industry Insiders and Have Access to All This Information Including Industry Interviews, Videos, Reports, and Software Programs for as Little as .67 Cents A Day?Ē



If you answered YES to this question, I want you to get rid of any distractions you have around you at this minute and read every line Ė and I do mean every line Ė of what I am going to share with you here, paying close attention to every single detail.

...Iíll say it again so you know how serious I am.  I need you to pay very close attention and detail to every word from here on out.  Listen, what youíre going to discover can mean the ďlife or deathĒ of your success in the music business. 


Isnít Music Industry Success What You Want?


If a successful, wealth making career in the music industry isnít your only objective, then you need to quit reading this because what I have to say is only for those that are serious-minded about their music careers and ready to take action NOW.  I can only share this information with a limited number of you, and I will only share it with those who are ready to catapult their music careers to the top, write hit songs, have multi-platinum CDís, and have legions of fans worldwide screaming for more of the music they love. 


Are You Ready?
Entertainment Headlines Reveal Current Direction of the Music Industry
Ė Experts and Insiders Share Current Trends and Forecast Your Success Ė

If you continue to operate aimlessly within the music industry, your success in the music business is in serious danger - in danger of missing out on a lot of exposure, fans, and potential profit. Possibly all of your profits.

But if you're willing to read and fully grasp what I am about to tell you, you can use this revelation to your advantage and catapult your industry success possibly faster than any other single technique, trick or marketing strategy known in the music business (and openly shared).

Success is 10% talent and 90% know-how.  If you donít know how or where to start, your success is going to be handed off to the next person who took the time to digest every word of information that I reveal.  Itís a proven fact that you have to know what doors to knock on to find those who have the power to help you reach the levels of success that you are after.  If youíre wasting your time banging your fist into the wrong doors, then youíre only chasing your tail and not success. 


Is Your Music Career Going in the Right Direction or Is It Swimming Upstream and Drowning in the Sea of Other Artists Who are After the Very Same Success
and Fame That You are After?


Hey, if youíre already happy with the success youíve achieved in the music industry then, by all means, disregard this letter now or pass it on to someone who can really use the information contained in it. 

My experience is, however, that most people just like you have limited their success by not knowing the direction and current demands of the music industry. 

Let me tell you, you have to be on the same speeding train, headed in the same direction as the top executives, writers, and artists in the business to achieve the greatest amount of success and profits.  If you donít know what train to board or exactly how to get your ticket to ride it, youíre going to miss your journey to the top of the charts and possibly forever miss out on your one chance at success, fame, riches and happiness.

"Music is the largest Download Media Content Category Online, and Has Been Since 2003"

Streaming subscription and download media is forecast to reach $6 billion dollars in 2009!

- AccuStream iMedia Research

Are You Ready for Your Slice of the Pie
and Your Amazing Success in the Music Industry?

If youíre still reading this letter, I want to congratulate you.  You are about to discover something that 99.999% of people in the music industry still have not caught onto.  Nevertheless, I have to tell you that this is your one and only chance to board the train.  Itís true that the chance for success usually only happens once.  Can you afford to let it pass you by now?

Iím only able to reveal the secret ingredients to success in the music industry to 500 people, not one person more.  Whatís more, Iím only going to share it with those who are serious about success and ready to grab it, I will not waste my time accepting anyone but those who are 110% serious about making it in the music biz!  

Since this is you and youíre ready to catapult your way to the top of the music industry, I have to reiterate the fact that itís crucial to your career that you snatch up what Iím going to tell you and run with it before someone else beats you to the punch.  If you wait, I canít promise you that you wonít be person number 501 and too late to get in on your chance at being that one step closer to achieving the fame, fortune and success that you are after.  I donít want you to be too late.  I want your success for you, and I know you want it now as well, so lets continue...



"31% of Digital Music Spending
Comes from Women

Women 25-34 spend the most on digital music.

-      IFPI -          


Do YOU know how to tap into the female market?  No matter what genre of music youíre into rock, rap, pop, jazz, gospel or whatever.  If you are not marketing to women, the proper way you are leaving at least 31% of your sales on the table! Would you ignore 31% of 1 million dollars (that's $310,000.00)??  I don't think so and neither would I!

Well, once you become part of my team, I'll show you exactly how to do that, step-by-step. And this my friend is just one of the secret, hardly ever revealed techniques that you are about to learn (once you are a member of "the club").

Now, you're probably wondering how *I* know so much about these fly-under-the-radar music industry money making techniques. Well, I have a confession to make...

...I Do It EVERY Day!

Youíve probably heard of me before.  My name is Ty Cohen, and Iím a leading, recognizable voice in the music industry.  I am one of the guys who recently shocked the music industry with my no holds barred, behind closed doors T.O.M.I. (The Other Music Industry) Music Industry Internet marketing seminar.  In addition, Iíve helped thousands and thousands of people just like you find their way to fame and wealth in the music industry!  Now, itís your turn!


But Even If You Take Away the Phenomenal Success that Iíve Had with the
T.O.M.I. Seminar, My Many Music Related "How to" Books, Coures and Program and Just Within the Music Industry in General, I Would Still Be Considered One Of The Most Successful Entrepreneurs In The Online Music Industry World!


You see, Iíve been making a full-time living online for the past decade or so. Iíve had many online successes that people in the music industry would kill for... (and that many have literally begged and offered to pay top dollar for me to teach them how to duplicate, just as I'm about to show you)

THE BOTTOM LINE: I know the Internet like the back of my hand and will continue to produce large profits from it for the rest of my life -- and I am teaching my family and several "lucky" others in the music industry how to do it too. (You can be one of them, continue reading and you'll learn how in a minute.)

Take A Look at What Others Have Said About Me:


----- Original Message -----

From: Walt S.

To: Ty Cohen

Over the past few years, the information Ty Cohen has provided in his newsletters and on various sites has helped me in my music career immensely!  Heís direct, to the point, and only shares relevant information and no ďdetoursĒ that never work.   Iím signing up for Music Industry Profits because Iím ready to take my career to fortunes and I know Ty is the guy to show me how to do it!  Heís led me to all my other successes in music, thatís for sure.


----- Original Message -----

From:  Eddie R.

To: Ty Cohen


Reserve my space, please!  Iíve used the information youíve offered in the past and youíre always on target with your facts and advice.  I am SO excited that youíre offering this now.  Itís big.  I know itís big.  You put your name on it, so it has to be! 

(Use this on your site if you want!  You rock!)


----- Original Message -----

From:  D.C. Weber

To:  Ty Cohen

Wow, man!  Once I thought you couldnít reveal anymore, you do.  I got the trial membershipÖ just keep billing me becauseÖ again, wowÖ this is information I never thought existed, much less did I think Iíd ever get to see it.  You know, before I always dreamed of a famous music career.  Although you donít make it seem easy to have it, you definitely provide the insight and information to make it happen if someone just has the talent and ambition to do it.  I canít wait to get started using all this stuff!  Iím in disbelief right now.  Youíve outdone yourself and done a great service to us struggling artists. A million thanks!



Itís a proven fact that itís not easy to reach the level of success in the music industry that youíd like to reach.  You can spend years and thousands upon thousands of dollars trying to succeed and still never reach the level of success that you want.  Well now, with my new program, itís time to quit trying and to start succeeding! 



becomea member here


Now back to what I was saying...


For the Past Four Years I Have Freely
Taught Many Of My Newsletter Subscribers
But There Are Many, Many Extremely Crucial
Things I Haven't Been Able To Share.

I have a lot of things I have been dying to share, but I just couldn't.


You see, my free online newsletter issues get exposure to tens of thousands of people in the music industry all over the world. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the fact that so many people can read my newsletter. And I also love the fact that so many people in the industry can benefit from the hours of time I put into writing each issue. But I just can't publish certain things...

ÖEspecially some of the major techniques that can be used to sale massive amounts of CDís, generate scores of raving, fanatical fans and increase visibility in the music industry like nothing else known to manÖ

... Like rare techniques that only a few people in the music world know about. Otherwise, these techniques could lose their effectiveness. (i.e. they won't be making as much money and be near as effective if a gazillion label owners and industry execs and musicians started using them.)

So I Decided to Do Something different.
A Lot Different.
I have decided to put together a special, limited membership, monthly online resource that reveals the inside details about many rare and valuable techniques and tactics.  By limiting the amount of members allowed into my monthly membership site, I now finally have an outlet to talk about things that I have been dying to share (along with many new exciting discoveries I continue to make every week) but without the fear of this information falling into the hands of too many people, especially the large, greedy, machine like labels and companies who are already making millions of of the sweat, bold and tears of people who are trying to break into the music industry .


Throw Away All the How-To Guides
Youíve Bought from Others in the Past andÖ
Kick Start Your Platinum Career Now


The Music Industry Profits club is going to amaze, fascinate, and impress you with all the information and resources itís loaded with!  Inside the locked doors (youíre going to have access to the key in just a minute, keep reading or on second thought Click Here to sign up now before all 500 slots are taken, then come back to read the rest of this stuff), youíre going to get your hands on information that over 99% of the music industry has never even heard! 

Each month, there will be thousands of dollars of new material added to the site.  You will get to devour every bit of itÖ you and only 499 other future music industry powerhouses!

Hereís Just Some of What Youíll Discover Once You Become A Member:

   Industry reports (current trends, upswings, downswings, and other tips to keep you on top of the industry!)

   Industry Interviews Ė Interviews with top music industry names and insiders who will provide valuable insight and advice (This information will never be released anywhere else, so you DO NOT want to lose out on it!)

   Video broadcasts that you can watch right from any computer as me and my team of music industry "Gurus" allow you to look over our shoulder and use the stuff that works best for us and our clients for your own gain.

  Software programs to help push you along the road to success in the music industry (make note, these will not just be any old run of the mill software programs, these are programs that you won't be able to find any were else because most of them I've spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to have developed for my own personal use)

   Advanced notice of new product releases (Giving you a jump start on limited edition products before they are made available to the general public)

   New information every month! (Remember, this information is valued at thousands of dollars and will only be available to YOU! It won't be sold anywhere else, not online, not in stores, not even from any of my personal websites!!! The only place you'll be able to get this stuff is right here, if you are lucky enough to be one of the only 500 people that we are letting join the site)

   A 10% discount on all current and future Platinum Millennium / Ty Cohen products (That itself can be worth thousands of dollars in savings as I'm sue you are already aware of... Just imagine being able to have your very own "Discount Savings Card" that will allow you to save 10% off of some of our best products including,,,, everything at all of the hard cover printed best selling books that I've wriiten and are available here on and in books stores around the globe and all of of other products, plus everything we release in the future for as long as you remain a member!)  .)

  A 20% discount on all Ty Cohen / Platinum Millennium workshops, seminars and coaching clubs (Imagine the money youíll save and the time that you would have wasted knocking on the wrong doors, this alone is worth the cost of membership to the site 100 times over!)


How Much Time and Money Are You
Willing to Place on Your Platinum Selling
Career in the Music Industry?

Music Industry Profits is unlike any site youíve seen before and unlike any other site you will ever see!  I canít stress enough that youíre about to get your hands on industry information that has NEVER been released to the public beforeÖ and wonít again.  This is your one and only chance to utilize the secrets and methods that will spell your success in the music industry! 

If youíre like most of my clients, youíve already spent well up into the thousands just trying to crack profits in the music industry.  Youíve spent way too much time and money on long shots and riding on a train going the opposite direction of the music industry. Your success has been limited and your profits nowhere near where you want them to be.  Am I Right? 

Itís time to take action and become one of the limited members of my new Music Industry Profits club by learning the PROVEN methods to fame, wealth, legions of fans, and truckloads of CD sales in the music industry.  

Needless to say, itís time to kick your career into high gear, starting by getting it going in the right direction.  The good news is that itís not going to cost you tens of thousands of dollars to do it. 


Although It Normally Should and Would...

It Won't Cost You Thousands of Dollars.
Not Even Hundreds of Dollars.
If You
Click Here Now to Join!



Now just think, I can easily charge big dollars for any one of the items that you'll get access to, in fact most of my best-selling material sells for close to $500.00 a pop, my live seminars start at an entrance price of $997.00 and I normally charge a consultation rate of $399.00 dollars an hour to consult with industry big wigs who can afford me.

So even at $197.00 a month I'm sure I would get hundreds of people knocking on my door to get into this club

At $97.00 I'd have people practically breaking the door down to get in

and at $67.00 a month I'm confident that I would have to enlist the help of the national guard to keep people from storming in...

But, because I want the people who most need this information to be able to take advantage of it, I'm not charging thousands of dollars a month to get in, I'm not even charging
hundreds of dollars a month, nor am I charging $197.00, a reasonable $97.00 or an extremely fair $67.00 a month...

You Are Not Going to Believe
What I'm Charging to Become a Member...


All it takes to become a member of Music Industry Profits is the low monthly price of $29.99 per month.  Think about that for a minute. Just a measly $29.99 a month for as long as you remain a member and youíre guaranteed to get exclusive secrets and methods of the music industry. 

This is some of the worldís most exclusive and most powerful resources for advancing music careers.  You canít put too big of a price tag on that amount of information because itís like dynamite!  It will shoot you and your career straight to the stars!!  Imagine all the success, fame, and wealth you have ever dreamt of in the music industry and imagine knowing exactly how to achieve it because that is whatís going to happen!  But get thisÖ Iím going to give you thousands of dollars of information that 99% of the music industry has yet to realize and Iím going to give it to you for $29.99 per month.  I only ask two things of you in return.

I Want You To:

#1  Be serious about your career and ready to be a smash NOW!  I donít want procrastinators or dreamers who say they will, but never do.  Part of my success has been helping people just like YOU become big names in the industry.  And itís for people just like you that Iím offering to reveal this information for only $29.99 per month.  (We both know itís worth much more!)

#2  Be one of the first 250 people to become a member.  The $29.99 per month is my bottom line price for all this information.  In fact, Iíve been called insane and crazy for offering the wealth of resources and methods that I have for just pennies compared to the amount of success it can bring you.  That said, I can only offer it to those ready to jump on the bandwagon and take the music industry by storm. 

After I have 250 members, the price will go up to $67 per month.  This is still insanely low, and a cheap price to pay for success!  Youíre paying for a front row seat inside the music industry! 

Now, maybe you think $29.99 per month is expensive.  Perhaps you think even $29.99 per month is.  Well, the price weeds out anyone who is not really serious about a music career.  Iím also pricing it to limit the number of people who receive it.  I donít want this information landing in the wrong hands, nor do I want everyone out there to have the secrets and methods that only the truly dedicated and ready-for-success people should have.  I only want to reveal this information to those ready for success because it truly is information that has never been shared before and cracks open the music industry for YOU to see and become a success in!

Nevertheless, if you think this is too much an amount of money to invest in YOUR success in an industry thatís extremely hard to succeed in (even though itís most likely tax deductible, then by all means, exit this page now.  You wonít hurt my feelings.  Believe me; I donít need your money.  But, more importantly, those that sign up for this rare and valuable newsletter will see and realize that they are getting 10,000 times the value for what they are investing.

ďWhereís My Bonus for Joining?Ē 

Success is your bonus.  A career filled with wealth and fame is your bonus.   Getting inside information that will crack the music industry wide open and make it YOUR oyster is your bonus.  HoweverÖ

Do you want a free bonus for joining?

Iím sorry.  There arenít any.  Zero. Zilch.  Nothing! 

I know, I know. "But you usually throw in a ton of bonuses with your products." Well, you're going to quickly figure out that this is NOT your average resource.    I donít have to throw free items or information at you to try to get you to become a member.  Youíre getting a chance to STEAL the information already! 

Just join and try it!  Become a member now for just $1 Ė yes, I said ONE DOLLAR Ė and test drive the site for fourteen days.  You will quickly realize that you are ripping me off for what Iím charging! 

ButÖ if you need a bonusÖ let this be it:  your bonus is becoming one of the very limited members who are privy to industry insider information that is not available or not known to the majority of the industry!  99% percent of people in the music industry would LOVE to lay their hands on this information, but they wonít get the chance.  As a member, youíll have the information and laugh your way up the charts Ė and to the bank! 

Come on!  Avoid getting your head stepped on by others climbing the ladder of music industry success because you didnít act.  They say if you snooze, you lose.  Well, in this case, if you put off your success for ONE more day and wait another MINUTE to join Music Industry Profits, you might as well take a snooze because youíre going to lose out on the information you NEED to succeed in the music industry.  Donít be the 501st personÖ donít be one person too late, and the first person to lose out on guaranteed methods to success!  Be the first success instead by joining now!

Remember, for just $1 you can test drive the ENTIRE site for fourteen days.  After that, you will be billed the regular monthly price unless you email me to cancel.  Itís that easy!


But, if you really need an extra incentive to join, then a bonus isnít what you need.  This information is too awesome to just give a bonus.  No.  I want to do one better than any bonus I could ever possibly give.   

For the lucky 500 people who join Music Industry Profits, Iím going to give a guarantee!   

I Guarantee that if You Apply the Techniques and Opportunities Given to You as a Music Industry Profits Member that You Will Experience Success in the Music Industry Just Using What Youíve Learned!

Go ahead and read it again.  Yes, I said if you join Music Industry Profits right now, Iím going to give you a guarantee that you will experience success in the music industry.  Iím writing a ticket to success right now and putting YOUR name on it.  All you have to do is pay the insanely low cost of that ticket and YOUR success.

Now, keep in mind, a guarantee is only as good as the person redeeming it.  I canít guarantee your talent, and I canít guarantee your ambition.  Talent and ambition are crucial! Without those two things, you may as well try to climb a ladder without any rungs.  (Good luck with that!)  HoweverÖ if you have talent and you have ambition, then I want you to stop and take a look at where you are in your music career right this second.

Where Are You?

Because I guarantee that, no matter where you are in your career at this second, if you use all the information and opportunities given to you as a Music Industry Profits member, you are going to climb AT LEAST one rung higher and grab a slice of success! 


Learn How to Cash in On My Outrageous Guarantee Just by Joining Music Industry Profits

Click Here Now,
Try It Out for 14 Whole Days


...As with any guarantee, I must rely on you to cash in on it.  Itís like buying a new product off a store shelf thatís guaranteed to remove any stain from your carpets.  If you donít buy the product, or donít use it properly then the guarantee is not going to be of any use to you. 

To cash in on MY guarantee, you must take advantage of all the:

        Interviews with music industry insiders



        Software programs

        Discounts on other Ty Cohen/Platinum Millennium products

        And thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of valuable resources, information, and secretsÖ

If you take EVERYTHING Music Industry Profits offers you for the insanely low monthly price that starts at just $29.99 per month and immediately apply it to your career and success, then I guarantee you that you will climb at least one rung higher in the music industry than you are right now. 

All you have to do to cash in is join Music Industry Profits and make use of the information and opportunities inside.  Iím not asking you to do anything but take advantage of the information you get as a member, apply it to your career, and watch success knock down YOUR door. 

 Just join and try it out!  Become a member now for just $1 Ė yes, I said ONE DOLLAR Ė and test drive the site for fourteen days.  You will quickly realize that you are ripping me off for what Iím charging! Click Here to Sign Up Now for Just $1.00


Click Here Now and...

Try It Out for 14 Whole Days for Less
then the Cost of a Cup of Soda!!!


ďOkay, Ty, Iím Ready to Join! 
How Do I Sign Up

Whoa!  Wait!  Itís not quite that easy!  Before I open the doors to all this amazing and valuable information, you must qualify to receive it by promising to follow all of my rules! What I'll be revealing within the closed doors of the member's area is sensitive material, so you must promise to follow the rules or you'll be kicked out of the club and banned from ever joining again, seriously, no B.S.! 

1. You Cannot Disclose the Information Published Anywhere on the Site -- you must agree that you will not publish or disclose what I reveal. Not on any website, blog, or even in your journal. Do NOT speak about it at any music seminar, concert or gathering!  NOT AT ALL!

You cannot redistribute, resell, share, rent out, copy, pass around or reproduce this information in any part, form, shape or manner whatsoever... whether it's on eBay, in forums, as downloads from your website, in your emails, as photocopies or whatever. It's my intellectual property and respectfully, we will know so be honest and respect the content that I have put together and that loyal subscribers pay for.

And I'm dead serious. If you even think that you are going to take my findings and private information and republish it somewhere, then take a hike. Right now. Don't let the back button hit you on your backside.

Nobody joins Music Industry Profits without agreeing not to disclose its contents. NO EXCEPTIONS. (If you think you can get away with it, think again.)

2. You Must Make a Commitment to Apply the Techniques -- you must make a commitment to yourself that you are going to take what I teach you and USE IT towards succeeding in the music industry. It's a waste of my time if I am revealing valuable information to you and you aren't going to take action and get value out of it. (I'd rather give up your spot to someone else more serious who'd be dying to become privy to this confidential information.)

I only want members who are SERIOUS about success in the music industry!

3.  If You Cancel Your Subscription You're Out Forever -- if I allow you to become a member of Music Industry Profits and you cancel your membership (for any reason) you will not be allowed to re-subscribe. I'm sorry, but there will be plenty of other qualified individuals in the music industry that will want to purchase your spot and I won't hesitate to sell it to them.

Plus, I need to completely control who can read and gain access to this information. If you come back, then I would have to watch what we say for fear of it getting into the wrong hands... and therefore shortchanging all the other subscribers. So you're either in... Or you're out. PERIOD.

4. I Reserve the Right to Cancel Your Membership At Anytime -- it's my site and it's my right to control who receives it. If I feel that the newsletter isn't right for you, either right now or in two years from now, I reserve the right to cancel your subscription. Again, I mean it when I say you must be willing to apply what I reveal to you. No exceptions.

Are You Ready to Join the Privileged?

But you better hurry up and join... because once our limit has been reached, that's it.

Join Music Industry Profits now and donít wait another second!  Millions of screaming, adoring fans are waiting to hear your music.  Are you going to give it to them?

If you meet our conditions and are ready to grab onto success in the Music Industry, itís time to act.  Do it now before thousands of other thoughts occupy your mind because the only one that matters is YOUR career in the music industry.  Donít let it pass you by because you forgot or decided to wait.  Click Here to Join Music Industry Profits now!

P.S. The doors close behind the 500th member to join!  They wonít open again!

P.P.S. To be fair, Iíve already had so much interest in this site generated that spots are already extremely limited.  Sign Up Now to guarantee your membership!

Your success is waiting!

Ty Cohen
Platinum Millennium Publishing


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